Dan Wesker developed his passion for photography aged 13 and after extensive studies graduated from the West Surrey college of Design under the supervision of Peter Hall and Martin Parr. Despite this, his upbringing was in a house full of paintings and this has continued to be an influence throughout his career; from his first six years exploring the poetry of black and white photography and then throughout his later work, as he explored diverse mediums. Recognised as a photographic illustrator by ‘The Association of Illustrators’ in London in 1990, his themes have continued to address photography with a painter’s point of view. Inspired by the Post Modernist argument that there, always, existed multiple truths, he has always striven to produce ‘pockets of wisdom’. Memories, nostalgia, humour and narratives, as to how far, and what we understand of the changing world around us have continued to fuel his work until the present day.

Naomi Woddis is a photographer, writer and radio show host whose work includes portraiture, still life and urban landscape. She is interested in opening new dialogues about mental health and chronic invisible illness, living with both conditions herself. Naomi hosts a monthly radio show ‘The Two of Us’ on Reel Rebels Radio where she talks to writers and artists about their work and how it relates to mental health and emotional well-being.


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