What a Dog Sees

Photograph – Copyright Dan Wesker 2010

What a Dog Sees

in a puddle of water
is not just his reflection
but the barks of other dogs

their yelps falling
in new rain
splashing a dance
in pre-breakfast air

other paws muddy with joy
off leash

then tilts his wet nose

towards sky
and buildings

some have bad people in them
they do not feed his brothers
and steal the wag
from happy tails

what a dog sees
are the circles
by those on two legs

lack of courage
over cooked meals
unanswered telephones

so much water
and the memory of almost drowning
in his puppy paws

head cocked his ears
a net to capture
all this human chatter

and wonders what this world
would want
with all this talking

Poem – Copyright Naomi Woddis 2010



  1. Another dog poem, eh? You’ve got a pamphlet of sorts building up here. One that uses dogs as it’s main motif. I’d like to see that!

    Really love the control in the short, short lines. Dxxx

  2. I love the ‘paws muddy with joy’ and the way that the things the dogs sees are often abstract and non-visual. This seems to go very well with the beautiful, blurry image

  3. Really beautiful poetry from you Naomi, I like everything I have seen. Very economical and evocative, like little snatches of things unsaid or unseen – so very appropriate. Lots of lovely images created with the words. And great photograph Dan, the two elements complement each other perfectly.

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