A Thin Pane of Glass

Photograph – Copyright Dan Wesker 2010

A Thin Pane of Glass

Freezing winter air,
mist on a thin pane of glass.
This plant’s pretty green
leaves; hearts fighting to survive
cold. Two worlds separated.

Poem – Copyright Naomi Woddis 2010



  1. I love the atmosphere in this photograph, and the idea of the plant’s having a heart that is fighting to survive on the edges of the central heating that is presumably causing the “mist on a thin pane of glass.”

    Also like the hint that the winter air is naturally freezing, while the plant isn’t as green carbon-footprint-wise as its leaves might suggest. (N.B. this comment written true Northern-stylee, with snow on the ground and my own central heating on full blast :) )

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hadn’t heard of the Tanka before I read this poem. A lovely, evocative piece with the underlying theme of survival that is in so much of your work. It’s great how the dramatic effect of the photograph is complemented by the contemplative style of the poem

  3. I like the simplicity of this idea: photo, poem. And the ‘two worlds separated’. Funny, I’ve been thinking about windows – or the absence thereof. Keep up the good work! Karen X

    1. Tight observation Karen – and yes it’s right. One world of words and another capturing the light. I think after bridges and tunnels, windows are my thing. Thanks hon for your lovely comments x

      1. And it’s exactly the fact of these two elements coming together from two separated worlds, that I’ve enjoyed so much with this project. I love it (yet again). Glad you like it too.

      2. Yes – it’s the most beautiful and special way to rekindle our friendship. I feel very lucky in that xxx

  4. beautiful, accurate and – apparently – simple. I read this yesterday and have been thinking about the poem and image. I love the way they complement each other
    Thanks for sending link x

    1. Pauline thank you ! The shorter forms are often a bit more of a challenge, having Dan’s lovely photograph to work with was a real help.

      N xx

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