Morning Rain


Photograph – Copyright Dan Wesker

Morning Rain

Two hundred bicycles
locked up on a far platform.

A sleeping herd of chain,
grease and handlebar,

their wheels pumped.
Waiting for the end

of work-day, to be pedal-
pushed under sagging autumn

skies. They catch a wink of sun
on metal spines, designed

only for moving forward.
Except one, lonely as a drunk,

propped against an alley wall,
its owner gutter-happy elsewhere.

Morning brings a sobering fall
of rain and the knowledge that

abandoned bicycles know more
stories than you’ll ever tell.

Poem – Copyright Naomi Woddis 2009



  1. Thankyou for leading me to the Graham Greene poem…I had no idea he wrote poetry. Lovely.

    hope to meet you through A & E at some stage but can’t make the meeting.
    Franny Swann.

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